I can't believe this is my life! Breathtaking landscapes, beautiful people, happy experiences—I love to document the wild ride around us. I started my professional photo journey with college football games, black-tie gatherings, events for the local newspaper, and portraits for special occasions. But I felt called to do more. See more. Broaden my horizons. So in 2017, I quit my desk job to travel the world. 

With two bags on my back and a few one-way tickets in hand, I launched out for a solo journey of a lifetime. I traveled to dream destinations like Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii; explored the primal beauty of America with road trips from coast to coast; and gained a new appreciation for culture and climates in countries like Africa, Ireland, and Europe. What I learned—the world fascinates me. The beauty is overwhelming, the struggles are real, and the human spirit is strong—and I love to document it all. 

When I'm not traveling far and wide, you can usually find me in my home state of Texas, enjoying the cool vibes of Austin, small-town charm of Waco, and backroad landscapes from the Red River to the Rio Grande. I love to engage, explore, and learn—and do it all with a camera in hand. 

So, let's be friends! Connect with me and let me fill your photography needs—portrait, landscape, event, travel. I promise to add a little beauty to your life!  — Julie