In 2023, Julie officially launched her "photo concierge business" which plays on her strengths and talents to capture people’s unique travel adventures. Whether it be a corporate retreat to Naples, a family vacation to Palm Springs, or a couple’s safari in Kenya—from door to door— why not take along someone who will thoughtfully document all of the highlights and details in professional form, before you can even say, “Wait, let me get my cell phone out to snap a pic!”

Since leaving her university job in 2017, Julie has continued to explore the world, either on solo adventures or meeting up with groups of strangers. Traveling to more than 18 countries and 4 continents, she’s documented medical mission work while living on a ship in the Bahamas, snapped portraits in Kenya for a burgeoning orphanage, traveled with retreat groups to the Amalfi Coast, and most recently, captured memories and moments for an Arizona-based yoga retreat all the way to Southern Africa. She truly enjoys meeting new people no matter their age, background, or socioeconomic status. As an extravert and Meyers-Brigs type ENFP, Julie can step up and lead with kindness and compassion, inclusion and cooperation, or also quietly fade into the background and document events with integrity and discretion.

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"A master of her skills, from photography to videography to content and everything in between, not only does Julie have the strong ability to capture the moments, she helps create the memories. She inspires others through her travel and cultural experiences, meeting people along her journey, and showcasing those wonderful life messages and memories through her talented works and visuals. She spreads her positivity and joy wherever she goes, and brings her smile and laughter along for the ride. A truly gifted and humble storyteller; a master with her lens. Take her with you on your memorable journey and allow her to capture those stories and creatively document all the precious memories, so you will never forget. Whether an event, wedding, vacation or special occasion, Julie is dependable, reliable, creative, and the right woman for the job!"  —Beth Black, Creative Director for Marine Reach Global,

“We absolutely loved having Julie as the photographer for our Amalfi Coast Italy yoga retreat! She is reliable, passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated to her craft and projects. Her eye is always looking for the perfect capture of the moment at hand. You will receive amazing photos and memories of your special event, without all of the stress of staging and editing. Julie’s radiant personality blesses every environment, and her natural adaptability provides a beautiful sigh of relief when needed. We will definitely be using Julie for future retreats, and highly recommend her services and products.” — Heather Wiest, LCSW, E-RYT®500, (2022)


"On our Amalfi Retreat, Julie fit in like a glove!  Her charming and inquisitive personality put us all at ease and made us regard her as a long-lost friend.  And then, without us even noticing, she would melt into the surroundings and capture each of us in our truest form. And the pictures of the landscape and life we were immersed in were also amazing.   I highly recommend Julie’s Photo Concierge service and am so looking forward to having her join us on our Seek and Safari Retreat in September!"  —Hanan Palz, Owner of Hanan Plaz Yoga & Co-leader of Heather & Hanan Retreats (2022)


"Julie is one of the most delightful people I know! She is positive, passionate, professional, and proactive. Just what you want from a photographer traveling with you to capture all the moments. This allowed our African safari yoga retreat group to relax and enjoy the trip and experiences without having to think constantly about taking photos or videos. Julie goes above and beyond what’s expected and surprises us all with special mementos. We highly recommend Julie’s photo concierge services!" — Heather Wiest, LCSW, E-RYT®500 & Co-leader of Seek & Safari Retreat (2023)


"I absolutely loved having Julie as our own professional photographer on the Safari. While I still took some shots of my own, any time I wanted to I could just let myself enjoy the incredible experience knowing that Julie was there to document our amazing trip. As an added bonus, she also brought fun and joy to the group. Thank you💕"—Lynn Dee Witteveen, retreat client on Seek & Safari Retreat (2023)